De boeken over beeldhouwen van BICK Art Supplies zijn speciaal geselecteerd voor onze klanten. Ze hebben als doel u technieken over het beeldhouwen aan te leren, inspiratie op te doen of gewoon om te genieten van mooie kunst gemaakt door uw collega beeldhouwers. We zijn ervan overtuigd dat onze collectie beeldhouwboeken u zal inspireren. 

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  • Sculpting the human figure.
    Sculpting the human figure.

    As inspiring as it is practical, this lavishly illustrated guide encourages students and collectors to understand the processes and techniques of figurative sculpting.
    Written by a distinguished sculptor, this beautifully…

    € 41,95
  • Mould making and casting Engelstalige uitgave
    Mould making and casting Engelstalige uitgave

    Mouldmaking and Casting is a technical manual of the many techniques of this ancient craft and art form. With step-by-step illustrations, it explains the materials required and the processes involved to create reproductions of a…

    € 41,95
  • Advanced mould making and casting Engelstalige uitgave
    Advanced mould making and casting Engelstalige uitgave

    The scope and potential of mouldmaking and casting is fascinating, and makes it one of the most exciting processes available to today's craftsmen. Its opportunities have been developed and expanded further by a range of new…

    € 41,95
  • Practical sculpture Engelstalige uitgave
    Practical sculpture Engelstalige uitgave

    Rather like the missing ingredient from a borrowed recipe, nothing frustrates Sally Hersh more than a 'How To' book with great gaps left in the process. The author's prime purpose here is to leave no part of the sculpting…

    € 52,50
  • Secrets of bronze casting Engelstalige uitgave
    Secrets of bronze casting Engelstalige uitgave

    Bronze casting is exciting and versatile: bronze can be poured or shaped to any required form. However, there are few people who understand the full process and this practical book reveals its secrets and celebrates its…

    € 41,95
  • Letter carving in stone
    Letter carving in stone

    Written by an eminent practitioner and teacher, this book guides the novice through the basics of letter carving, drawn lettering, and making simple designs in stone. For the more experienced, it explains a new proportioning…

    € 47,95
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